“Choose Your Own Adventure”

This is how I look at life, as if it was an adventure.
Originally a song, which’s title quickly became my motto. From my teenage years is has not changed a lot, ten years later I still live by these words, I got a tattoo that says: C.Y.O.A. and I still listen to the disturbing song which is still inspiring, performed by this very much alternative band called Heartsrevolution.

Music was always the greatest inspiration of all to me. My fashion game started right after I began to discover alternative musicians (I was about 13) and these artists had such an impact on me at that time, some of them with their personal stlye and some with their lyrics that I started to dress the way they did in their videos. Just to catch and imitate the feeling I imagined they had had during filming their videos. And of course I wanted to be them.

Today, I don’t want to be anybody else but me! I’m DORA SINKOVIC, 25, makeup artist, photographer, blogger, and founder of the brand Jacqueline the Rebel.
I am happy to welcome you on my official website, a fashion and lifestyle blog, my online portfolio, a source of the best alternative content, a source of some quality alternative music, a visual diary of mine and hopefully an inspiration for You.

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